True natural aqua-land, in the heart of the mountains those gorges are full of pools in which you can either jump of slide. From the aquatic canyon where you will enjoy playing, jumping, sliding in the water to the more challenging vertical canyons where you will abseil down waterfalls there is a canyon for you. The physical challenge depends of the canyons, but you need to be in good health and able to swimV.

Those big inflatable embarkation can accommodate from 4 to 8 peoples, and allow to get down big challenging rivers procuring massive sensation while ensuring your safety. No need to be in a fantastic physical condition, you just need to be in good health and able to swim.

The best way to enjoy great sensations on white water! Jump in the water with a full on wet suit, fins and your hydrospeed (king of a water sledge). Good physical condition necessary and do I need to precise you must be able to swim!

Thoses boats are more handy to direct than a raft and offer more sensations due to their smaller size. The Canoraft is for two persons while the Airboat is like an inflatable kayak for a single person. Good physical condition necessary and able to swim!

A mix between a walk and a climb, follow a cable along a mountain to evolve in security several meters from the ground. No need to be able to swim, but it's better no to be afraid by the high!

Who never dreamt of flying? Enjoy the great escape by flying over the wonderful South Indian Ghats. From a short discovery flights to a full on experience over the sea you will find something to procure you thrilling sensations.